Military full face mask gas mask/dust mask/PPE

ItemDual cartridge half face Facepiece AccessoriesYesBrandFullCare or OEM or NeutralCartridge or Filter IncludedNoColorDark GreyConnection TypeBayonetFacepiece TypeFull Facepiece ReusableFeaturesDual Airline supplied air compatible, Large lens for enhanced field of viewHeadgear TypeFull FacepieceMaterialSilicone, Thermoplas

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ItemDual cartridge half face Facepiece 
BrandFullCare or OEM or Neutral
Cartridge or Filter IncludedNo
ColorDark Grey
Connection TypeBayonet
Facepiece TypeFull Facepiece Reusable
FeaturesDual Airline supplied air compatible, Large lens for enhanced field of view
Headgear TypeFull Facepiece
MaterialSilicone, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Primary MaterialSilicone/Thermoplastic Elastomer
Product Series6000
Product TypeFull Facepiece
Recommended IndustryConstruction, Design & Construction, General Manufacturing, Heavy Infrastructure, Industrial Maintenance,
Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation
Military Full Face Gas Mask/ Dust Mask/ PPE
Main features:
• Main materail:Silicone, Polycarbonate ,ABS
• Large lens provides a wide field of view for excellent visibility
• Lightweight well-balanced design and silicone faceseal for enhanced comfort, durability and ease of cleaning
• Available in air-purifying and supplied air respirator modes
• Center adapter directs exhaled breath downward
• Cool Flow Valve makes breathing easier to provide cool, dry comfort

ModelColorClassShapeMaterialProtective gas
ABrownP-A-1Cartridge BoxABSOrganic gas or vapor, benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, alcohols, anilines, carbon dichloride, carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, methyl bromide, methyl chloride, nitroalkane;
P-A-2Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
P-A-3Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
BGrayP-B-1Cartridge BoxABSInorganic gas or vapor, hydrocyanic acid, hydrogen chloride, arsine, phosgene, diphosgene, chloropicrin, benzene, methyl bromide, methylene chloride, Lewis gas, mustard gas, phosphine, etc.
P-B-2Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
P-B-3Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
EYellowP-E-1Cartridge BoxABSAcid gas or steam, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, phosgene, phosphorus and chlorine-containing organic pesticides, etc.
P-E-2Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
P-E-3Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
KGreenP-K-1Cartridge BoxABSOrganic derivatives of ammonia and ammonia
P-K-2Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
P-K-3Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
COWhiteP-CO-1Cartridge BoxABSCarbon monoxide gas
P-CO-2Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
P-CO-3Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
HgRedP-Hg-1Cartridge BoxABSMercury vapor
P-Hg-2Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
P-Hg-3Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
H2SBlueP-H2S-1Cartridge BoxABSHydrogen sulfide gas
P-H2S-2Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
P-H2S-3Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
ABEKBrownD-A/B/E/K-1Cartridge BoxABSAt the same time protect organic, inorganic, acid gases or vapors, ammonia and ammonia derivatives, hydrogen sulfide gas
YellowD-A/B/E/K-2Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS
GreenD-A/B/E/K-3Cartridge CanisterMetal/ABS

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